The student government at University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) has voted to give $23,000 to students who are illegal immigrants.

On March 2, the Undergraduate Students Association Council voted to pass a resolution allocating surplus funds to pay others in student government who are in the country illegally–as currently, they cannot be paid by the university system without work authorization.

Currently, every USAC representative receives a weekly stipend for their work. Any illegal immigrant without Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status cannot receive stipends as wages.

Illegal immigrants can receive substantive amounts of financial aid at UCLA, thanks to the UCLA “Undocumented Students Program.”

According to the Daily Bruin, Jeffry Urmana–the representative of Improving Dreams, Equity, and Access, slammed the student government entity as not being inclusive enough to illegals, regardless of their attempts to reconcile. “It’s not a space that was created for us and therefore it’s not a space that’s accessible.”

This attempt to go around a University of California rule to reward students who came to America illegally is shameful. The representatives of USAC should have all students’ best interests in mind–rather than paying off their friends in student government.

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