The student government at the University of Central Florida voted “unfavorably” to grant funds to the conservative student group sponsoring Ben Shapiro’s upcoming lecture, after leftist students protested during a senate meeting.

Shapiro is slated to speak at UCF on March 23rd through Young America’s Foundation’s Fred Allen Lecture Series. Leftist students have started a campaign to block use of student government funds to pay for Shapiro’s honorarium, absurdly claiming that he is a white supremacist and “problematic.”

The proposed funding bill, which was voted “unfavorable” by a vote of 16-17-1, will go in front of the student senate next week, where it will need a majority vote to determine its passage.

According to an Instagram post, the UCF Pride Student Association is the group spearheading the effort to protest Shapiro’s event on campus.

The Vice Chairman of UCF’s conservative group, Didi Malka, told YAF that he is disappointed in his student government and elements of the UCF student body. “No other funding bill has been treated with the amount of scrutiny ours has received, and our bill has met every threshold Student Government requires for an RSO to receive funding,” Malka told YAF. “I am saddened to see that certain senators have put their own biases in front of providing intellectual diversity and we hope to convince them next week to change their minds.”

This blatant case of intolerance shows the Left’s true intentions–attempting to shut down any speech they disagree with.

Whether they like it or not, Ben Shapiro IS coming to the University of Central Florida. A dose of reality is just what these leftist students need to get out of their liberal bubbles.