Photo Credit: David Litman

Just when you thought Berkeley couldn’t get any crazier…

In an email to the student body, UC-Berkeley Vice Chancellor and Provost Paul Alivisatos provided to students a list of “resources” for students “offended” by Ben Shapiro’s upcoming YAF lecture on September 14th.

In the email, pictured below, Alivisatos directed students to a list of “support services,” including psychological counseling if they feel “threatened or harassed” by Shapiro’s talk. Looks like the UCB administration is taking a page out of the leftist handbook, ascribing to the “words are violence” credo often espoused by the very protesters Shapiro will speak against.

But UC-Berkeley didn’t stop there. In a statement labeled “Demonstration Resources,” the university stated the following: “We recognize these events can engender harm for some.”

Engender harm? How can a talk promoting free speech and open discussion “engender harm?” Instead of truly espousing the principles behind, UCB’s “free speech year,” the university is coddling leftist snowflakes too sensitive to hear conservative opinions. For a top university, UC-Berkeley does a poor job preparing its students to tackle the real world, where these “harmful” words and opinions are plentiful.

YAF and Ben Shapiro are teaming up to bring a bit of common sense back to UC-Berkeley next week. Find out more about reserving tickets or live-streaming the event here.