Students from the University at Buffalo (UB) Muslim Student Association (MSA), a group who’s national organization was founded by the terrorist tied Muslim Brotherhood, are plotting to shut down a lecture featuring Robert Spencer.  The newly founded Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter on campus is ending the year by hosting Spencer for an event titled “Exposing Radical Islam: The Dangers of Jihad in Today’s World.”

The UB MSA foolishly planned their efforts to shut down Spencer over a public Facebook group accessible to anyone on the internet.  In screenshots obtained by Young America’s Foundation, students are plotting ways to protest the event.  One student in the group claims she is even ready to “man the barricades.” Others are actively lobbying administrators to cancel the event.  It is reported that the UB Student association has said they will not pull funding from the event for the sake of free speech.

Student organizers also published a petition on ironically titled “NO STUDENT FEES FOR HATE!”  The only hate that surrounds this event is the hate that the MSA and other leftists foster against those who do not agree with them.  Even if the petition reaches the 1,000 signatures it aims for, it bears no legitimacy.  The petition is open to the public, not just students who attend UB.  Even if that was the case, 1,000 people against Robert Spencer is insignificant compared to the nearly 30,000 students that attend the school.

Campus leftists are so threatened by others hearing what Spencer has to say that they have gone as far as to tear down YAF’s fliers promoting the event.  Too bad, the UB YAF chapter can’t be stopped by these immature and intolerant tactics of the Left.  YAFers at UB took to campus the next day to flier even more.

The MSA and leftist opposition are doing conservatives a favor by increasing the publicity of the event.  The YAF chapter is gaining an escalating amount of support from students and the local community.