The student government at Trinity University in Texas has denied funding for YAF’s upcoming Elisha Krauss lecture, claiming her message doesn’t align with the school’s values of “honoring the dignity and worth of every person.”

According to Julia Westwick, chairman of the TU Young Conservatives of Texas, the group was informed of their denial via email from the vice president of the Student Government Association. The SGA official did not give specifics as to how Krauss’ conservative views don’t align with the listed TU values.

“Trinity’s student government thinks the mainstream view of gender, held by Elisha Krauss and the majority of Americans, is dishonorable and not worthy of being given the same platform they repeatedly give to other student groups,” Westwick told YAF. “This is a clear case of viewpoint discrimination against those who believe in science: the fact that there are only two genders and that men and women have inherent and biological differences.”

“Trinity’s student government should not disadvantage any student group based on a speaker’s opinions,” she said. “In doing so, they are not representing a significant portion of the student body, they are not supporting a culture of free speech, and they are discriminating against students with whom they disagree.”

Westwick told YAF she plans to appeal the Finance Committee’s denial to the full Senate.

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