Trinity University’s student government has again denied funding for YAF’s proposed Elisha Krauss lecture, this time in a unanimous vote where several senators claimed Krauss would make trans and “non-binary” students feel unsafe.

This week’s appeal vote follows a denial of funding handed down last month to the conservative students hoping to host Krauss. In the original vote by the Finance Committee, students claimed that Krauss did not align with the school’s values of “honoring the dignity and worth of every person.”

Trinity University is allowing intolerant leftists to decide which speech is worthy of being heard on the liberal bubble campus. It’s not shocking that leftists are scared to hear opposing viewpoints­–and are attempting to shut down any speech that doesn’t align directly with their views.

Elisha Krauss was shocked by the student government’s decision.

“In my speech ‘Man, I feel like a woman’– which is  about the importance of the nuclear family, the unique power of women, and the vital role men play in our society–I have never attacked anyone in the LGBTQ community,” Krauss told YAF. “I always ask that they extend their First Amendment protections to those of us who do not agree with them for reasons ranging from science to religion. It’s disappointing that they think I am or would be a risk to their students who should be encouraged to attend and dialogue with me about my beliefs.”

YAF is continuing to monitor the situation.