By Alexandra Leung

A topless “nun” was invited to perform in a drag show held at Dartmouth College, according to a report by the College Fix.

The College Fix

The hour-long burlesque performance attracted more than 100 students. The event was organized by the college’s drag club and featured nine scantily clad drag queens dancing in a sexually suggestive manner.

The show began with an individual named “Grim Noir” (who claims to be “non-binary”) dressed up as a Catholic nun while stripping off clothes, twirling a rosary, and genuflecting on stage to the sound of a song called “Sinners.” 

Dartmouth College is a private, non-religiously affiliated institution, which means that the school is fully within its rights to host the event. However, Dartmouth has an extensive history of using the “heckler’s veto” against conservative events. Earlier this year, the institution effectively shut down a speech by conservative journalist Andy Ngo by attempting to charge a $3,600 security fee. In 2020, campus conservatives were forced to call off another event due to credible threats of violence.

The fact that Dartmouth would allow an event that openly mocks women and students of a particular faith while simultaneously censoring ideas that administrators disagree with is deeply disappointing.