Today, we continue with the final five top campus lectures of 2009. Be sure to contact us if you would like to organize one of these events on your campus!


5. Newt Gingrich at Fordham University, NYNewt at Fordham

More than 900 students and community members attended Newt Gingrich’s speech at Fordham University. After hearing Speaker Gingrich at Fordham University, a liberal activist wrote on her blog: “I want to make clear that I am grateful for him coming to Fordham to speak. I welcome ideas that are not necessarily aligned with my own. It’s part of becoming an informed individual, which is the goal at any university.”


Coulter at TCNJ4. Ann Coulter at the College of New Jersey

Ann Coulter spoke to a packed hall of more than 900 students and community members.  She energized a campus that the Princeton Review labeled as one of the nation’s “most apathetic.” Actually, it turns out students are tired of hearing the same liberal ideas as Howard Dean who spoke in the same venue as Coulter a few months later only had 150 in attendance.


Rove at Denison

3. Karl Rove at Denison University, OH

One thousand students and community members were on hand to see Karl Rove. As reported in a story in the Newark Advocate following Karl Rove’s speech at Denison University, “Karl Rove took the stage at Denison University’s Swasey Chapel on Thursday to fervent applause and left after a standing ovation.” After that same event, Mr. Rove wrote the Foundation proclaiming, “Denison was terrific! Well organized, fun, good Q&A, and a completely packed auditorium.”



Stein at Harding2. Ben Stein at Harding University, Arkansas

Ben Stein addressed 4,000 students and community members at Harding University—the largest campus lecture in Harding’s history. Stein spoke to the audience about his documentary, Expelled, which exposes how Darwinist professors keep those who want to teach Intelligent Design from college campuses. After receiving five standing ovations, Ben signed his book, How to Ruin the United States of America, for more than two hours. Mr. Stein remarked afterwards, “Harding University was the best speaking event of my whole life. [It was] the biggest crowd in Harding’s history; five standing ovations. [Harding University] President Burks said it was the best speech he had ever heard…”


1. Michele Bachmann and Chris Horner at St. Cloud State UniversityBachmann at St. Cloud State

Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann spoke with Foundation speaker and author Chris Horner at St. Cloud State University. Afterwards, she explained the impact their event had:

Every Minnesota media outlet attended, the Left was hissing and spitting and throwing tantrums. The attendance was so spectacular…The following day, a 15-year-old girl who attended the forum called Rush Limbaugh and spent seven minutes telling the country about our forum. And you made it happen!  Young America’s Foundation understands we can’t win battles unless we fight. And when we fight, we win.


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