In yet another case of leftists’ utter disregard for conservatives’ free speech rights, students at Clemson University took the time to rip crosses out of the ground and vandalize signs that the Clemson Young Americans for Freedom chapter had put up to remember all of the lives lost to abortion.

The Clemson YAF chapter put together a ‘Cemetery of the Innocents,’ made of crosses to represent each of the lives lost to abortion. After leaving the display for a few minutes, the chairman of the chapter, Morgan Bailey, came back to find that the crosses, save just a few, had been removed from the ground and several posters were folded and torn in a nearby bathroom.

After sending an email to the Dean of Students at Clemson, the chapter members were assured that because they had the proper paperwork and permits, it was not anyone from the university facilities that vandalized the display.

“We would hope that our fellow Tigers would be tolerant of our views and would not vandalize our displays or posters,” said Morgan Bailey, chairman of Clemson YAF. While the destruction of the chapter’s memorial is not a surprising occurrence, it once again demonstrates the blatant disrespect that leftists on campus have for conservative viewpoints.

Instead of speaking to chapter members about their display or holding civil discussion about differing viewpoints, leftists yet again resort to a futile attempt to suppress the voice and opinions of conservative students.

“I was watching one of the live webcams to make sure nothing was happening to our display, but soon enough there was someone out there messing with the display,” said Morgan Bailey. Leftists consistently vandalize conservative displays on campus and time and time again get away with their actions. YAF is calling on the university to hold the students accountable for their actions and take the necessary precautions to ensure that the viewpoints of all students are respected.