Last Friday, the Founder and President of Live Action, Lila Rose, announced on Twitter that social networking platform TikTok had taken action to permanently ban Live Action.

The Chinese owned and controlled video sharing network claimed that Live Action’s content, one post in particular, had violated TikTok’s established “community guidelines.”

What sticks out in TikTok’s community guidelines is the “hate speech” provision.

None of Live Action’s pro-life content comes close to violating this leftist policy designed to snub conservatives in the digital media sphere, with subjective and vague standards.

Live Action’s content is not alone in being targeted by TikTok. The platform has faced several allegations that conservative content, as well as content critical of Mainland China in the conflict with Hong Kong, has been punished in the TikTok algorithm, or removed altogether. 

Young America’s Foundation has experienced its own fair share of unprecedented and often unexplained censorship.

TikTok claimed that one video was in violation of their community guidelines. The video in question asked climate alarmist demonstrators whether they thought that climate change or ISIS was a greater personal threat to them. Without fail, the students feared for their safety from the climate over a terrorist organization. 

YAF followed up and appealed the claim against the video, yet the appeal was denied without any specification whatsoever from TikTok as to which facet of the community guidelines was violated.

Just two weeks later, TikTok targeted another YAF videothis time without any explanation, notification, or appeal process. This video depicted a deranged leftist protestor at Binghamton University in New York justifying mob-like behavior on the basis that the conservative students whom they were protesting were white.

Anyone with common sense who watched this short clip would know that it carries a profoundly ANTI-racist message, where YAF affirms the principle that all men and women are created equal, and firmly rejects the Left’s racist intersectional identity politics.

After Live Action was permanently banned from TikTok, YAF made sure that pro-life voices would still be heard on the platform, by sharing a clip of Live Action founder and president Lila Rose speaking at YAF’s 41st annual National Conservative Student Conference.

YAF stands with Live Action against censorship of conservative views and for more speech, not less. It’s time for TikTok to inject some transparency into their community guidelines and allow conservative ideas to have a fair hearing.

Thankfully, the outpouring of support from conservative organizations who stood with Live Action against TikTok’s censorious actions seemed to have scared the platform into reinstating Live Action on the platform, which now claims the ban was an accident caused by “human error.”

Forgive us for not taking TikTok’s word on this one.

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Kevin McMahon is a program assistant for Young America’s Foundation.