Since students returned to campus after their winter breaks, Young America’s Foundation has had one successful campus lecture after another, spreading conservative ideas far and wide across the country during the spring semester.

Students want to hear from the newsmakers, the policy-makers, and those willing to boldly stand for strong, conservative ideas. Young America’s Foundation introduced and pioneered this time-tested approach to hosting successful on-campus lectures, and the results are undeniable.

While some groups only host speakers who will incite audiences and provoke campus leftists, Young America’s Foundation has mastered the art of selecting true conservative leaders who offer insightful, dynamic presentations that electrify and inspire young audiences.

This past week, through the Foundation’s lecture program, bestselling author Dinesh D’Souza spoke to students at Columbia as part of the D’Souza Unchained Lecture Series; popular commentator and author Ben Shapiro addressed more than 1,000 at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB); and Foundation alumnus and author Marc Thiessen addressed a packed hall at the United States Naval Academy. And, thousands more watched the events online through the Foundation’s live stream.

Further more, there were no protests or student riots prior to or during the programs at Columbia and UCSB—two of the most liberal campuses in the nation. Students eager to be exposed to conservative ideas filled the halls on these campuses, underscoring the demand for a true marketplace of ideas at our nation’s colleges and universities.

Following his address at the Naval Academy, Marc Thiessen wrote on Twitter, “Great Event, Nice to be on a campus where students are preparing to go to war zones instead of hiding from free speech in ‘safe rooms!’”

Other conservative leaders are noticing the impact of the Foundation’s programs.

Nationally syndicated radio show host, commentator, and author Dana Loesch praised YAF’s work on her radio program:

I think there’s way too much political correctness on college campuses. There are a lot of groups that are doing amazing work—Young America’s Foundation, which is all college activists—they are total rock stars. They’re amazing. And they have been fighting this for such a long time…Students who feel that they are being pushed to the fringes, pushed out and excluded from campus life because of political correctness…have found solace, and they have found allies with YAF. They’ve been amazing…

Building on more than five decades of experience, Young America’s Foundation continues to inspiring high school and college students every day through our campus lectures, full-subscribed conferences and seminars, and our Young Americans for Freedom chapters which are being formed weekly from coast-to-coast.

President Reagan once told a YAF audience, “You never cease to amaze me.”

We think he would be pretty proud of YAF today, too.

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