Conservative activists in the Western Washington Young Americans for Freedom chapter stayed up all night monitoring their chalking display until 8 a.m. to catch several leftist vandals destroying their chalking.

Their chalked messages, which consisted of “Pro-Gun is Pro-Woman,” “Facts Over Feelings,” “Blue Lives Matter,” and “Abortion is not Healthcare” were first destroyed by an irate leftist around midnight. The leftist, who hurled expletives at the YAF members, then began crying after being filmed.

Just a few hours later, YAF members found three leftists with empty buckets and rags arriving at the chalking display around 6 a.m. After being confronted, they left, BUT returned at 8 a.m. in broad daylight to erase the chalk.

The YAF members were happy conservative warriors, and after confronting and filming the leftists, informed them of their plans to chalk again later that day.

“Do you guys have class today?” Jessica Warner, WWU YAF chairman quipped. “We’re gonna chalk in about an hour, so I’ll meet you here okay?”

The YAF chapter has filed a complaint with the university, and officials are investigating the video footage.