9/11; Never Forget Project at GWU

By Travis Korson, President of GW-YAF


The past academic year has been quite a busy one for young conservatives with new challenges and a few exciting victories along the way.  For the George Washington University Chapter of Young America’s Foundation (GWYAF), this year was no different.

Being a conservative on a college campus is not an easy prospect, but the fight is definitely a rewarding one.  As a result of my activism I have been called a bigot, racist and scores of other slurs merely for trying to express my viewpoint.  Yet despite the strongarm coercive tactics of liberal students my unyielding defense of conservative ideas yielded great dividends.

Our positions on liberal bias with commencement speakers at our university sent our organization into the spotlight early in the semester.  Through a series of other activism events and notable speakers our organization kept our profile up throughout the first semester.

By January, even the most liberal students were unable to ignore our organization’s presence on campus.   Even the decidedly liberal student newspaper was forced to run a feature piece on our organization!

GWYAF ProtestSoon our events were met by counter protests and calls to stop our presence on campus, but we were not deterred.  We continued on, resolute to spread and promote the conservative message.   As we ended the year, our organization could rest for the summer satisfied that we had educated students on a variety of conservative issues ranging from the big government policies of Washington to the distinctly liberal bias of our university faculty and administration.  

Looking ahead to next year, the situation will be no different.  Liberal professors and university bureaucrats will try to prevent the spread of conservatism at every step.  Obama and the liberals in Washington will try to advance their ideas of intrusive legislative policies and big government.  It is up to young conservative activists like you and me to continue the good fight through activism events and speakers, refuse to yield to opposition on our campuses, and work to stop liberal bias and a statist government wherever we can. 

Travis “TK” Korson, Young America’s Foundation’s “Featured Student” is the President of the George Washington University Chapter of Young America’s Foundation


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