By Kevin McMahon

Ironically, after roughly 9 months with Planned Parenthood, the President is out.

Planned Parenthood’s replacement to Cecile Richards, Leana Wen, no longer holds the position of President after less than one year into her tenure. Amidst a flurry of rumors that she was stepping down, fired, or ousted after a secret coup-like meeting of the board of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, the New York Times reported that Planned Parenthood prefers to have someone in the role of President who is more “aggressive” in fighting for abortion.

While Wen cited “philosophical differences” as a driving motivator for the split between Planned Parenthood and herself, reporting from Buzzfeed suggests that her former employer took issue with Wen not being woke enough to conform to the Left’s insane transgender agenda.

Of course, the blatant irony in this sequence of events is the eerie coincidence that Wen’s time at Planned Parenthood roughly resembles the length of a nine-month pregnancy. Conservative and Pro-Life pundits were quick to take to twitter to draw the hilarious and obvious parallel between the end of Wen’s time as President of Planned Parenthood, and the gruesome reality of abortion that the organization champions and glorifies. Here are some of the best:

Kevin McMahon is a Program Assistant at YAF’s Headquarters in Reston, Virginia.