lgbt imagePolitical correctness reached new lows at George Washington University this week as legislation was voted out of the Student Life Committee of the Student Senate advocating for the creation of a minor in LGBT studies.

The act, named the “Expanding Economic Opportunities Act”, claims that “the absence of an LGBT Studies Minor at The George Washington University has been detrimental to students.”  Supporters of this legislation claim that such a minor is an integral part of a university experience.   Unfortunately, such a viewpoint overlooks programs that are an integral part of the University experience.

Why isn’t the Student Senate pushing for the creation other, more valuable minors such as naval or military science?  What about a conservative studies program?  Professors are more than happy to push liberal agendas and anti-military stances but become outraged when a student or faculty member tries to stand up for a conservative viewpoint.  Why do liberal authors vastly outnumber conservatives ones on the syllabi of my University?  This is just another chapter in the narrative that is liberal indoctrination at college campuses across the country.

The new initiative for an LGBT studies minor will introduce a curriculum consisting of sexuality, homosexual “marriage”, gay adoption, hate crime legislation, and other such issues entirely from a leftist perspective.  This would be nothing more than a means of political indoctrination to the liberal agenda masquerading as an attempt at intellectual diversity.   There is little benefit that such a program could bring to the University. 

There is no clear practical career application for such a program.  Also, no clear argument has been made for the necessity of this program nor elaboration made about the “perceived gap” this program would fill.  The staff and faculty of the University have been more then accommodating to the LGBTQ community, establishing a resource center a few years ago and devoting substantial resources and funds to Allied in Pride.

LGBT studies minors across the country have created absurd courses that are narrow in focus, distinctly agenda driven, and a plain waste of university funds.  Courses include “Engendered Bodies,” aimed at proving gender roles in our society have been formed on the basis of racism and homophobia at the University of Vermont and “Rednecks, Queers, and Country Music” at the University of Michigan’s LGBT Studies program.

The perceived need for an LGBT minor is non-existent.  In fact, it may prove detrimental to George Washington University in the long run.  Many parents and trustees would also strongly disapprove of their tuition dollars and donations wasted on programs seeking to abolish gender norms, harming the general well being of the University.  The establishment of an LGBT minor would do nothing more than create liberal agenda driven programs about dubious topics at the expense of the academic integrity of our university. 

Travis Korson is the President of the George Washington University Chapter of Young America’s Foundation


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