Military Recruiters Protested on CampusThe Jewish Policy Center has posted my piece on the Left’s ongoing war against the military.

President Obama has talked about how students should not be denied the opportunity to meet with military recruiters and participate in ROTC. During an appearance at Columbia University on September 11, 2008, he said, “The notion that young people…anywhere, in any university, aren’t offered the choice, the option of participating in military service, I think is a mistake.” But so far, his actions and appointments belie his statements. He appointed Harvard Law School Dean Elena Kegan to Solicitor General who fought all the way to the United States Supreme Court to keep the military banned from college campuses.

President Obama has yet to encourage his young minions to enroll in the military to support the United States’ involvement in Afghanistan or elsewhere.

Read more about the Left’s ongoing efforts to rob students of their freedom to meet with military recruiters and participate in ROTC. If you witness any incidents at your school, please contact us.



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