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November 16, 2012

Ann Coulter Speaks at Washington UniversityBy Brendan Pringle

Private Christian universities are intended to offer more than
their public counterparts by providing a higher standard of
education and a moral compass for the academic world through their

Yet the tide of liberalism has regrettably invaded some of the
most prominent Christian colleges.

Fordham University’s bullying of a conservative club for trying
to host bestselling writer and critic Ann Coulter to their
university is the latest example of this frightening and
destructive trend.  Although the university offered funding
for the event, student activists felt the combined pressure of
their administration and their peers (who organized a petition
against the event).

Shortly after they acquiesced, the president of the university,
Fr. Joseph McShane wrote a letter scolding
the students for wanting to host a speaker who uses “hateful”
rhetoric. Ann is known for using sarcasm in her
speeches, but this is part of her appeal. Her approach
draws thousands of students from both sides of the aisle.

To say that she engages in hate speech, however, could not be
further from the truth.

The president goes on to mention that her message is “aimed
squarely at the darker side of our nature.” Perhaps he was confused
by the title of Ann’s latest book (Demonic), but Ann has
never appealed to ingrained prejudices or evils during any of her
public appearances.

It’s a shame that Fr. McShane has such qualms about Ann Coulter,
and turned the other cheek to the more dangerous judgments of his

As the
Cardinal Newman Society
 notes, Fordham in 2008 “awarded
their prestigious Fordham-Stein Prize in Ethics upon Supreme Court
Justice Stephen Breyer, whose rulings in favor of legalized
abortion has placed him in a position of irreconcilable conflict
with the teachings of the Church.”

The school also hosted pro-abortion rights/pro-gay marriage NYC
Mayor Michael Bloomberg at the official groundbreaking of the
University’s new Law School building-a building that has a floor
named after the pro-abortion VP candidate Geraldine Ferraro.

Perhaps most disturbing is that today, November 16, the
university is hosting so-called
ethicist Peter Singer
, who is in favor of killing the aged and
the unborn, and has defended bestiality and necrophilia.

Campus conservative activists at Messiah College likewise faced
resistance when they attempted to bring former Foundation spokesman and NewYork Times best-selling author Jason Mattera to their campus
in an attempt to balance a two-hour speech by radical left-winger
Francis Fox Piven. In this case, university professors, including
the students’ club advisor, pressured the club to rescind its

And we can’t forget President Obama’s controversial commencement
appearance on Notre Dame’s campus. This event ruffled feathers, but
despite protests from many students and faculty members, the
university president refused to cancel the President’s invite.

Christian campuses have increasingly fallen victim to the tide
of liberalism, placing political correctness over their own
religiously-founded values, and appeasing the Left by embracing its
most vocal proponents. Now, more than ever, these universities need
to stand up against attacks from the Left. Rather than attacking conservative speakers on the basis of tone, they should embrace the
appeal that these public figures cast on morally-established

If this trend continues to plague these universities and
permeate other Christian colleges like them, they will inevitably
lose their credibility and their most cherished supporters.

Brendan Pringle is a recent graduate from Cal Poly State University and currently a development officer for Young America’s Foundation


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