March 31 marks one of the latest significant dates on the Left’s liturgical calendar: “Trans Day of Visibility.” In fact, President Joe Biden went so far as to proclaim the date as an official national observance during the first year of his presidency.

The New Guard combed through hundreds of high school, college, and university event websites to bring you this list of some of the ways in which campus leftists and administrators are pushing their insane ideology on their peers and students:

5. IT Department-Sponsors Pronoun Pins

The Center for Creative Technology at Ithaca College, a small private institution in New York, is sponsoring a “pronoun pin” and magnet-making event. Students will be given access to the school’s 3D printers and laser cutters to print out buttons that will let classmates and professors know whether the student identifies as a they/them, xe/xer, or a pe/pem.

4. ‘Genderbread’ Cookie Decorating

The LGBTQ+ club at Grand Rapids Community College in Michigan is hosting a “genderbread” cookie decorating night. “The Genderbread Person” is a concept created by a leftist activism group to convince young people that sex and gender are completely independent of each other. The diagram is frequently featured in elementary and middle school classrooms.

3. A ‘Catholic’ University Puts on a Drag Show

Xavier University in Ohio, which claims to be a Catholic institution, is organizing a “transgender-centered commemoration” and drag show. The school has invited drag queens “Chulo Cartel” and “Amaya Sexton” to perform.

2. High School Students Plan to Walk-Out of Class

Students at Columbia High School in New Jersey will be walking out of their third-period morning classes as part of a national march for “trans youth rights.” The town’s radical leftist mayor, Dean Dafis, told a local news outlet that he supports the walk-out and opposes measures that protect children from harmful mutilation surgeries and chemical castration. The mayor also indicated his support for allowing books that explicitly push the Left’s gender ideology upon children in the town’s public library.

1. Ripping Up Birth Certificates at a Gender ‘Repeal’ Party

The University of Massachusetts is organizing a “Gender Reveal Repeal Party” to celebrate the “ambiguous nature of gender.” Attendees will be invited to participate in a role-playing game, and symbolic birth certificates will be provided for students to destroy.

“Visibility” isn’t the only thing the Left is looking for tomorrow. The Trans Radical Activist Network (TRAN) is organizing a national “Trans Day of Vengeance,” and Queer Youth Assemble is hosting a national “March for Queer & Trans Youth Autonomy.” These activists have made it explicitly clear that their goal is to influence children and pull them into their bizarre cult. Conservatives must do everything possible to ensure they don’t succeed.