Trigger Warning: at-length discussion of microaggressions ahead. Proceed with caution.

The Gender Unicorn strikes again, this time at Northern Kentucky University…microaggressions galore! The university says that a student’s failure to use “ze” as a gender neutral singular pronoun is a MICROAGGRESSION.

Documents obtained exclusively by Young America’s Foundation through YAF’s Censorship Exposed project include a presentation, listing examples of microaggressions towards transgenders in the classroom including “refusing to allow the use of ‘they or ‘ze’ as gender neutral singular pronouns in academic work without addressing reasons why.”

Say goodbye to abiding by grammatical rules enforced by most universities around the world in one’s academic work! NKU says it’s a microaggression not to use “ze” as a pronoun.

Even worse, “not asking” about someone’s “correct pronouns,” is a microaggression too.

NKU defines a “microaggression” as “verbal, behavioral, or environmental indignities,” that communicate “hostile, derogatory, or negative slights and insults toward people of marginalized groups.”

The LGBTQ Programs & Services Department at NKU offers this training, which the website describes as focusing on “trans* issues, sensitivity, and the importance of being an ally.  Trans* Ally trainings are open to students, faculty, and staff.”

The presentation lists “Basic Trans Terminology”, including words like cisgender, queer, genderqueer, gender fluid, bigender, agender, two-spirit, and third gender. It also includes “Common Pronouns”, which, in addition to she/her and he/him, has “ze/zir” listed. This is inconsistent with the Left’s own claim that gender is fluid, as identifying as bigender would force recognition of the fact that there are only two genders.

While it’s sadly no surprise that these colleges, controlled by liberal administrators and professors, are brainwashing students with these sensitivity trainings that refute biology’s most basic principles, it’s important that students are armed with knowledge and awareness of these asinine policies. Schools are beginning to use these policies to wield punitive measures against any student not “woke” enough to know and follow this fictitious lingo, and is robbing students of the most important thing: the truth.