Originally published by Nicholas G. Hahn III in The Detroit News.

Pope Francis frequently preaches about a “culture of inclusion,” and even said that exclusion of others is at the “root of all wars.” So it might come as a surprise to see the largest Catholic university in the country waging a war on campus conservatives.

Young Americans for Freedom, a conservative student group sponsored by Young America’s Foundation at DePaul University in Chicago, recently attempted to host conservative author and Orthodox Jew Ben Shapiro on campus. But when the students tried to reserve a lecture hall for the event, administrators stonewalled.

“Given the experiences and security concerns that some other schools have had with Ben Shapiro speaking on their campuses, DePaul cannot agree to allowing him to speak on our campus at this time,” Bob Janis, the university’s vice president for facility operations, wrote. “DePaul may make various time, place, and manner requirements as we exercise our responsibility for the safety of our students, faculty and staff.”

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