By: Katie Taran 

Following Obama’s State of the Union address last night was a
response by Senator Marco Rubio.  But following Senator
Rubio’s response was an unconventional “shout-out” to Young
Americans for Freedom by the one-and-only Chris Matthews.

Referencing Rubio’s speech, Matthews declared:tinkertoys

“It was almost like a YAF-er convention speech, Young Americans
for Freedom speech, from the 1950s.  There was no originality
to it. It was basic. Again, it was Tinkertoys. It was a kid’s
presentation of a philosophy reduced to maybe the 9th grade level.
I’m sorry, that’s what it was.”

There’s just one thing, Chris.  Young Americans for Freedom
didn’t exist in the 1950s.

Young Americans for Freedom was founded in 1960 at the home of
William F. Buckley, Jr. in Sharon, Connecticut, and spawned the
very movement you detest.

Its alumni include the gentleman responsible for ushering in the
greatest peacetime economic expansion in history (President Ronald
Reagan, Honorary National Chairman of YAF), and many other public
servants.  Other alumni are the founders of conservative
organizations like Michelle Easton of the Clare Boothe Luce Policy
Institute, the presidents of conservative organizations like David
Keene of National Rifle Association of America, the pioneer of
political direct mail, Richard Viguerie, and talk-radio host Mark
Levin, just to name a few.  These patriots have made careers
out of exposing others to the ideas you hate, and guess what? 
There are thousands of young people bringing up the ranks ready to
fight leftist stalwarts like you on their campuses and in the
media, and you’ve just inspired them.

What was obviously meant to be insulting actually turned out to
be quite complimentary.  Associate a speech by a rising star
in the Conservative Movement with the premiere youth outreach
organization of the Conservative Movement (Tinkertoys, aside)?
Thanks Chris.

Marco Rubio is in good company.

Katie Taran is the conference director for Young America’s



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