Far-left activists at Texas A&M University are coordinating a protest and walkout against Young America’s Foundation’s campus lecture featuring Matt Walsh, according to internal documents obtained by YAF.

Students have devised a 6-step plan to disrupt the TAMU Young Americans for Freedom chapter’s event on Wednesday, detailing plans to play “a recording of the S.T.A.R. manifesto” (S.T.A.R. stands for Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries) and chanting pro-transgender messages to interrupt the event.

According to the internal document, leftists plan to start their protest 10-20 minutes into the lecture, “enough time for any overflow crowd outside the room to disperse so that they cannot take our place when we leave.” They encourage protestors to wear business casual clothing, “in addition to dressing cisgender and heterosexual-passing.” The document did not clarify what “dressing cisgender” means.

“If you are questioned or draw attention due to your voice, appearance, or gender presentation, explain that you are attending the talk to earn credit for a political science or philosophy class,” the document states.

“Once the recording plays, if you are not already wearing a COVID mask, please put one on so that your face is unrecognizable. Stand up and raise your left fist..” before beginning the chants, the document reads.

The Texas A&M YAF chapter has shared the Google Doc with security officials, to hinder any attempts at disrupting the event.

“Free speech is one of the core tenants of our nation, and at TAMU YAF, we advocate for everyone’s right to exercise it,” said TAMU YAF Chairman Caleb Haisler. “We also believe in civil discourse and invite those who disagree with us or our speakers to make their opinions known, but we want them to do it respectfully. Attempting to disrupt our event is not professional or respectful, and it does not display the tolerance these liberals claim to champion.”

TAMU did not immediately respond to YAF’s request for comment.

This isn’t the first time leftists at Texas A&M lost their minds over a conservative speaker coming to campus. In November, anti-free speech activists protested outside of YAF’s Mike Pence event, calling on the school to crack down against conservative speakers and ensure stricter approval processes are in place.

It’s sad that even at a school like Texas A&M, students feel emboldened to shut down speech with which they disagree. If these activists feel so strongly, they should stay and challenge Matt on his views––but they won’t, because that would require intelligence and real courage, both of which these leftist lack.

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