Young America’s Foundation’s campus lecture with Ben Shapiro has been sequestered to a desolate venue, miles from the main campus, as the University of Minnesota shows its anti-conservative bias. Despite having massive demand, the U of M denied students venues that seat 800 to 1,500 people, instead relegating them to a 400-seat room without “any significant transportation routes nearby.”

If you’re a student at the U of M who couldn’t get a ticket due to the limited seating, a taxpayer in Minnesota who is upset by the school’s anti-conservative bias, or a citizen concerned with the University’s conduct in pushing Ben Shapiro to a small, remote venue due to Ben’s bold conservative message, you may contact the following administrators at the University of Minnesota to voice your concerns:

Eric Kaler, University President

Phone: 612-626-1616


Twitter: @PrezKaler

Karen Hanson, Executive Vice President and Provost

Phone: 612-625-0051


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