Teen Vogue used to be a magazine for young, impressionable teens who were interested in new fashion trends and latest celebrity news. Now, it has turned into a weapon of the Left, promoting ridiculous ideas and a far-left agenda under the guise of news. The magazine has created a new series titled “Bread and Roses” promoting socialism to its young readers.

The new series, which is touted as “exploring the growing interest in socialism among young people seeking alternatives to recovery in this pivotal moment in global history,” published its first article today titled “What is Democratic Socialism and Why Is It Growing More Popular in the U.S.?” written by a Texas Christian University professor of political science.

The article slams Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos for being “really rich. Like, $120 billion rich,” and absurdly claims that under a free market system, “key economic decisions are made not by all members of society but by the very richest members — those wealthy businesspeople who own what Marxists call the ‘means of production.’”

Just last year, the magazine published an article that described how teenage girls can get an abortion without parental consent. As if young people aren’t already inundated with leftist talking points in the mainstream media, classes in school, and fellow peers, they now can’t even escape it looking through what used to be widely regarded as a “fashion magazine.”