Young America’s Foundation (YAF) will welcome Senator Ted Cruz,
John Stossel, Katie Pavlich, and two hundreds students to New
Hampshire for the first Freedom Conference of 2015. 

High school and college students will travel to Nashua, New
Hampshire, on March 27 and 28 for inspiration, camaraderie,
and training on how to take the ideas of individual freedom, free
markets, and strong national defense to schools across the country.
Students from as far away as California, North Carolina, Florida,
and Texas will be attending this event. 

Many in the Conservative Movement suggest that we need to chase
one demographic or another in the hopes of swelling our ranks. No
successful movement will ever succeed without the support of young
people. President Reagan understood this importance as does
President Obama. The future of the Conservative Movement and
restoration of America’s founding principles lie in reaching and
educating young people. 

This conference is part of YAF’s year-long initiative to
activate students in areas of the country where conservative ideas
are constantly under assault. Students at this program will
have access to unprecedented resources to advance freedom in their
schools and communities. Select groups will receive support to host
a conservative speaker through the Wendy P. McCaw Freedom Lecture

Featured speakers include: 

  • Ted Cruz, United States Senator for Texas
  • John Stossel, Host of Stossel on Fox Business
  • Katie Pavlich, New York Times best-selling author
    and YAF Alumna
  • Steve Lonegan, Director, of American Principles in Action
  • Robert Spencer, Director, Jihad Watch
  • Alex Marlow, Editor-in-Chief,

For press inquiries, please contact Ron Meyer at 571-421-5818

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