After Young America’s Foundation exposed that Syracuse University had blocked the public from attending YAF’s upcoming Sean Spicer lecture, the school has reversed its decision, and will allow the public to attend.

According to a Tuesday email sent to the conservative student organization hosting the YAF lecture, the administration made the decision to open the lecture to the surrounding community and non-SU students, just hours after YAF published its story.

Syracuse had held many events featuring liberal speakers that were open to the public, including a Clinton administration alumnus, a climate change alarmist, and a liberal author. Prohibiting conservative ideas from being heard by public shows just what the school was afraid of–conservatism resonating with large masses of people.

“By having this event accessible for all, we are allowing the community and students from all over upstate New York to attend this event,” said Dustin Hall, treasurer of the conservative student group. “Allowing different views across the board is vital in today’s world, and we are glad Syracuse is respecting our original wishes.”

This should put schools across the nation on notice: conservatives will not sit by and be treated differently simply because of their ideological beliefs. Intellectual debate and diversity should be valued in higher education, and Sean Spicer is sure to bring just that to Syracuse on March 26.