Students at Syracuse University aren’t even on campus and are still finding things to be outraged about.

More than 100 leftists at Syracuse have authored a resolution condemning a proposed appearance of Ben Shapiro on campus in the fall.  The bill, titled “A Resolution Condemning the Appearance of a White Supremacist at Syracuse University,” was created this week following the student government’s decision to give $39,000 to a conservative group on campus who is applying to host Shapiro in the fall.

The resolution absurdly claims that Shapiro is “overtly xenophobic and biased against those of marginalized communities” and that hosting him on campus would serve “no legitimate purpose other than to antagonize students of marginalized identities and divide our campus even further.” The resolution offers no substantive proof of these claims, and instead mirrors leftist talking points.

The school’s student newspaper, the Daily Orange, erroneously reported that Shapiro would be speaking at Syracuse in October. Young America’s Foundation and the Daily Wire have not finalized Ben Shapiro’s fall 2020 campus lecture tour. However, a conservative group at Syracuse University applied for funding from the student government to submit as part of their upcoming application in hopes to host Shapiro.

The fact that leftists at Syracuse University are irate over the simple idea of Ben Shapiro coming to campus shows just how desperately a conservative perspective is needed on the campus. The “legitimate purpose” of this lecture is to challenge students with new ideas, and encouraging a robust debate between parties who disagree. Attempts to shut down speech one disagrees with by labeling it “racist,” “transphobic,” and “xenophobic” does no good for anyone–and it seems Syracuse needs a dose of reality.

UPDATE: The bill’s name has been changed from “A Resolution Condemning the Appearance of a White Supremacist at Syracuse University” to “A Resolution Condemning the Appearance of Ben Shapiro at Syracuse University.” The bill will be voted on Monday evening.