Marquette YAFObama’s policies may be bringing America’s economy to the brink of the abyss, but young people have had enough and they are eager to get involved and spread conservatism.

Students who are leading Young Americans for Freedom chapters have been setting up recruitment tables on college and high school campuses and many have been swarmed by students eager to sign up.

Grant Stroble who leads the Gross Point North High School YAF chapter was pleasantly surprised by how many students signed up “Which is awesome!” wrote Grant. He continued, “The Grosse Pointe News came by to take a picture of kids registering and Principal Bearden referred [the reporter] to our table and took a picture of Tommy, Sarah and I along with Mr. Bearden. Well, we ended up on the front page! Cool!”

Gross Point North YAFLeaders from Marquette University YAF said “students can’t sign up fast enough.” More than 175 students signed up for their club in just one day.

If you would like to start a YAF chapter at your college or high school, please contact Danny Diaz or sign up here.

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