By Caitlyn McCoy

Proponents of transgenderism at the University of Illinois coordinated–and quickly canceled–a plan to disrupt an upcoming Thursday evening event featuring Matt Walsh.

“REMIND HIM THAT EARTH HAVE NO SPACE [sic] FOR TRANSPHOBIC BULLS–T,” reads a graphic posted to Reddit by event organizers, who call themselves “Mischief 4 Impact.”

The three-stage “battle plan,” titled “Send him to Venus,” received 244 likes and many supportive comments.

Participants, coined “mischief makers,” were instructed to wear blue, pink, or white clothing, and show up to the “What is a Woman?” screening and live question and answer speech, where they would arrange themselves into a “massive trans pride flag.”

The plans, however, lasted a matter of hours. An email sent early Tuesday morning announced, “Thursday’s mischief has been officially canceled,” citing logistics and safety concerns.

Though the logistics of coordinating a large-scale demonstration within the event venue certainly would have been difficult, it is not clear why these mischievous students felt that their safety would be put at risk by attending Walsh’s film screening and remarks. After all, he’s simply asking them to define a single word.

“Our chapter has always agreed that we welcome any and all debate, disagreement, or discourse, so long as it’s respectful,” Bailey Parks-Moore, chairwoman of the event’s host organization, Young Americans for Freedom at the University of Illinois, told YAF.

The event has caused significant controversy on the Urbana-Champaign campus, which is home to nearly 50,000 students. Last week, YAF chapter members caught leftist protestors on-camera, angrily tearing down posters advertising the event and mumbling vulgarities about Walsh. One of the students even vowed to debate him.

Needless to say, Walsh’s second stop on his national tour is sure to make an impact.