By Caitlyn McCoy 

“Hey hey. Ho ho. Ben Sasse has got to go,” upset students and community members shouted outside of the student center at the University of Florida yesterday afternoon, where the United States senator is slated to become president in January.

Leftist groups on campus organized a protest, which they called “Fuchs the Replacement: Get Sasse out of our Swamp.” Chief among their concerns are Sasse’s pro-life and pro-traditional marriage views. 

For hours, protestors screamed that Sasse is sexist, homophobic, and racist. 

During the second set of open questions for Senator Sasse, more than 200 protestors made their way inside Emerson Alumni Hall. 

They stayed in place for nearly six hours and plan to be in attendance on November 1 when the Board of Trustees holds the final vote to confirm Sasse as the university’s next president.

“If Sasse does end up being confirmed by the Board of Trustees, I hope he knows that I will be keeping a close eye on him,” political science professor Dr. Bobby Mermer told YAF. 

The higher education system in America has become an echo chamber that seeks to exclude those with ideas that go against the grain of liberal groupthink. Under the outgoing leadership, UF decided it would be a good idea to pay a 20 year-old TikTokker tens of thousands of dollars to sing about his sex life while simutaneously denying funding to the Young Americans for Freedom chapter on campus.

Hopefully, UF’s incoming president will restore the university’s reputation and ensure that traditional values are welcomed and appreciated.

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