Apartheid Wall at UCSDBy Gabriella Hoffman

Planning a high-profile event at any university is always an interesting and noteworthy feat, especially when it falls during a week filled with crazy liberals, anti-Semites, and communists. My first experience hosting a campus speaker—David Horowitz at University of California-San Diego—proved very successful. To my knowledge, UC-San Diego has never hosted a well-known conservative figure, albeit the school has recently hosted a parade of high-profile liberals including Al Gore, Ralph Nader, and, most recently Van Jones.           

I mobilized various groups at UCSD to fund David Horowitz’s speaking event.  Preparations went awry when Tritons for Israel pulled their funding at the last minute. The board members of this group initially voted to pitch in $1000 to help my group, Young Americans for Freedom, support Mr. Horowitz’s lecture.   However, the Hillel director argued that Tritons for Israel, which she called “a sect” of Hillel, cannot take stances in supporting speakers from either side of the ideological spectrum. When Horowitz arrived at on campus, he went to meet with the Hillel director about the reversal of their co-sponsorship for his event. Unfortunately, they did not budge and instead adopted a more ambiguous stance by just promoting peace on campus.

Mr. Horowitz toured various parts of my campus, but was particularly drawn to the “Apartheid Wall” erected by the Students for Justice in Palestine and the Muslim Students’ Association. When observing the wall filled with its nuances and false, incriminating lies about Israel, Horowitz and everyone with us were greatly appalled and disgusted by the display. By the time Horowitz was scheduled to speak on campus we knew it would be an interesting and eventful night.

In his speech, Mr. Horowitz discussed the problems surrounding Israel and its feat in combating Islamo-fascists. He drew a parallel between the two anti-Israel groups at UCSD to the youth involved in Hitler’s movement to eradicate Jews. His speech went smoothly, yet, the most interesting and equally frightening part of the night was the question and answer session.

Horowitz received a question from a member of the UCSD Muslim Student Association, Jumanah Imad Albahri, during which she revealed that she supported a second Holocaust and is a supporter for Hamas. Mr. Horowitz first read a statement by the founder of Hamas regarding the terrorist organization’s charter, stating that it called for Jews to be rounded up in Israel to meet their undoing. After this, Horowitz asked the student to answer whether she was“for or against” the founder’s statement. She blatantly and unremorsefully answered, “For it.” Video footage of the girl making this remark became an internet sensation, with   conservative blogs and newsmakers, including Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity, picking it up and exposing the girl for her answer.

Jumanah has issued an online statement addressing her comments online. She did not apologize for her remarks but stated how her feelings of nervousness and inability to think cogently reflected the answer to her statement. As a member of the audience and after watching the video, I can say that Ms. Albahri was confident in her remarks and eager to provoke Horowitz and agitate the audience. She also failed to acknowledge in her statement that the Muslim Student Association and Students for Justice in Palestine reaped $40,000 from UCSD student fees for their activities.

This chilling experience underscores that anti-Semitism is still abundant among radical groups like UCSD’s Muslim Student Association and Students for Justice in Palestine.  Certain individuals are calling for me to stop exposing Jumanah, claiming appeasement is essentially better in their eyes. I have no regrets in bringing David Horowitz to UCSD. This event underscored the importance of warning my fellow students about the treats of radical Islam.  

Gabriella Hoffman will be interning this summer with Young America’s Foundation at the Reagan Ranch Center and she is a conservative activist at the University of California – San Diego.

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