Point Loma Op_ed

By Chris Miranda

To Ian McKay-a student who has probably spent too much time in
his Marxist professor’s study lounge-radical, Islamic jihadists who
fly planes into buildings murdering 3,000 innocent Americans are no
more “evil” than American soldiers killing the enemy in a war to
protect the lives of innocent civilians.  Ian accuses American
soldiers of murder.  

Where are the moments of silence for the innocent people
who have died because of [America’s] drone attacks
?” Ian
states in his college’s newspaper. “Where are the flags
for the estimated more than 100,000 civilians that have died in
Iraq since America’s occupation?”

His “America-is-to-blame” ideology is disappointing, because his
life is owed to the American soldiers who laid down their lives so
he could write his article (below).  Ian also needs to
fact-check his statistics, because actual casualty statistics range
anywhere from 5,000 to 50,000 civilians killed in the
middle of a war zone
, and many leftist websites use civilian
combatants in their figures, inflating the number of “innocent”
civilians killed.   Ian makes it sound as if American
soldiers went out and “targeted” innocent civilians. This assertion
isn’t even worth a response. America didn’t bring this on
ourselves.  America and free people around the world were
innocently attacked by radical religious extremists determined to
wipe out God-fearing people-to not respond against evil is

Ian also claims to know the real “heart of God” by
stating, “As a community and university that pursues a
vibrant faith, we are called to pursue the heart of God. A heart I
believe mourns the loss and tragedies of all humanity-not just
those of our nation.”
  So those who mourn innocent
Americans who died on 9/11/2001 are “godless,” Ian?  And who
are these Americans Ian insinuates are “jumping for joy” over the
loss of innocent human life?!  After all, it’s Islamic
Jihadists who shield themselves with innocent women and children
and train children to become suicide bombers.  American
soldiers have painstakingly done everything they can to save
innocent life-because they respect life.     

We will never apologize for “Never Forget.” To Ian and those
leftists in Ivory Towers, remembering innocent American life is
“offensive” and bizarre.  To Young America’s Foundation and
the hundreds of thousands of young people who mourn for their
fellow countrymen and women, it will always be their duty to

Chris Miranda is the Director of Marketing at Young America’s Foundation.

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