By Logan Whitcomb

A socialist club at Stony Brook University in New York is trying to “destigmatize” Karl Marx by distributing a very short pamphlet that paints the man whose ideas have led to the murder of millions as a “brilliant and admirable philosopher”.

On the front page of the pamphlet, Marx is (ironically) depicted wearing a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses – a luxury product that exists as a result of capitalism. The subtitle claims that the publication will cast “a new light on the beliefs of Marx and his theories on society.”

The first page of the pamphlet claims that Marxism faces heavy criticism “by design, in order to keep Americans unaware of his revolutionary ideas.” The rest of the publication primarily features biographical information about Marx, as opposed to anything resembling an argument in defense of his flawed belief system.

The student group, stated goal is to “communize everything,” runs a “Socialist Night School” program, according to its website, which is currently studying the book Imperialism by Vladamir Lenin.

How is it that so many American college students have come to idolize brutal murderers including Lenin, Stalin, Castro, and Zedong? Together, these historical figures were responsible for the deaths of more than ten million people – and all were inspired by the writings and philosophy of Karl Marx.

Conservatives must reclaim the higher education system from radical leftists before it is too late.