Star Wars is both a perpetrator of “cultural appropriation” and exclusionary of students from different cultures, according to the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee (DEI) at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology. The claims were made after it was suggested the committee add ‘Justice’ to their acronym, so they could call it “JEDI,” rather than DEI.

According to internal emails obtained through Young America’s Foundation’s Campus Bias Tipline, a discussion regarding the racism within the Star Wars franchise ensued between administrators and students over the summer of 2020.

One member of the committee, Assistant Director of Residential Life, Koreen Kerfoot, suggested that ‘Justice’ ought not be added to the committee’s name as justice can be “seen as an oppressive measure, instead of an empowering one.”

He further claimed that “acronyms can also be easily seen as discriminatory,” because “you have to be on the ‘in’ to know what you are talking about.”

“George Lucas appropriated many cultural icons and practices from various non-western cultures, especially Korea and Japan, from clothes and hairstyles, to languages and martial arts,” one member claimed.

“It is certainly not inclusive for everyone, especially those whose cultures continue to [be] presented as ‘foreign’ and ‘other worldly’,” he continued.

Another member defended the use of Star Wars references and lingo as “an easy, accessible term for the students to know” adding that, “It’s just what tech does.” He also pointed out that the school even plays the imperial march during graduation. This sparked a fiery response from other members who took issue with that statement.

“While I don’t believe it was intentional, to say ‘It’s just what tech does,’ is a perfect example of systemic racism,” a member fired back.

Another member said the statement “perpetuates an attitude of complacency.”

According to the anonymous tipster, ‘Justice’ was never added to the acronym. As of April 2021, the committee was still using the DE&I acronym. The student also shared that the committee has since been formed into the DE&I Council and is a branch of the university.

This exchange reveals what we all knew—wokeness has seeped into our schools, from the administrators, to the faculty, to the students, and it isn’t going anywhere. Even fictional films about wars in space are getting cancelled. This ideology has clearly poisoned academia to a much further extent than many realized.