Stanford University’s student government has blinked and will provide funding for New York Times bestselling author Dinesh D’Souza to speak as planned (pending final contract agreement) on February 28 as part of Young America’s Foundation’s “#FakeHistory Debunked” lecture tour.

Following a number of bureaucratic barriers, unseen restrictions, and outright denials, the powers that be at Stanford apparently felt the heat of criticism from media, alumni, and trustees.

“Allowing D’Souza to speak is the right thing to do,” noted Young America’s Foundation Spokesman Spencer Brown. “It is absurd that conservative students—whose bold stand for their rights as students brought about this positive outcome—had to go through such rigamarole just to bring a speaker who reflects their values to Stanford.”

“Yesterday, Stanford’s conservative movement scored a major victory. After the student government twice refused to hand over the funds to which our group is entitled, we did not give up—rather, we dug in and launched a full-court press to apply pressure on the school,” stated the Stanford College Republicans. “With the help of our partners at Young America’s Foundation, we got the story out to numerous media outlets, donors expressed their displeasure with Stanford’s handling of the situation, and we threatened legal action. Ultimately, the student government caved. We did not back down, and the Left blinked first.”

For additional information or to request an interview contact YAF Spokesman Spencer Brown via or 800-872-1776.