Gabrielle Crooks, a senator in Stanford University’s student government, recently won re-election to her position despite controversy surrounding her call to “eradicate” white people.

In a tweet posted last year, Crooks wrote “yes I think white people need to be eradicated yes I will go feral over mediocre white men we exist.”

Crooks also mocked a patriotic student in one of her classes, tweeting “not a passionate amerikkka lover in my IR class…I thought y’all were joking.”

A conservative group at Stanford University shed light on her problematic tweets, and called it “disappointing” that “a senator who called for genocide against white people” was re-elected to her position this week.

“This is not surprising given the fact that anti-white racism is fully embraced at College campuses like Stanford, where it is taught that it is perfectly acceptable to be racist against white people,” Chairman Stephen Sills told YAF. “This fight isn’t over, and we will be pursuing every avenue at our disposal to make sure that Gabby Crooks is held accountable for her racist remarks.”

The double standard here is crystal clear: if any white student had been caught making the same statements about a different race, they would immediately be expelled from campus, not re-elected to student government.