Dinesh D’Souza is set to speak at Stanford Thursday as part of Young America’s Foundation’s ‘#FakeHistory Debunked’ lecture tour. But yet again, leftists on Stanford’s campus can’t handle the fact that a conservative is coming to speak.

Flyers advertising the event have been repeatedly torn down, and one of the admitted vandals was caught on video by a member of Stanford’s conservative club. Apparently, posters with a photo of an Indian immigrant now constitute emotional distress to coddled leftists:

“I’m not comfortable with those posters in our dorm,” said the leftist student. “These posters have been causing a disruption in our dorm. They have been causing emotional distress to our residents and they are causing a disruption in our community.”

The conservative student dropped the mic on the SJW vandal: “Well quite frankly your residents need to toughen up and actually be able to contend with ideas they disagree with, that’s the whole point of the university.”

Now, YAF has learned that leftist students are organizing to disrupt D’Souza’s lecture.

“RESIST D’SOUZA,” state posters hung around campus. “D’Souza cannot be allowed to speak on our campus,” they read before asking students to text a number if they “wanna do something about it.”

A Google form recruiting students to join in the Left’s anti-academic resistance to the free and open exchange of ideas has also been uncovered.

Screenshots of a group message titled “Da Snooza” provide an ominous look at what leftists may be planning:

“Were [sic] planning an action for the event, but for security reasons we don’t wanna give all the details,” reads one message in the group. “We will brief everyone on specifics, the risks, and u can decide if u want to participate.”

Young America’s Foundation continues to closely monitor this situation and calls on Stanford to hold its students accountable for any vandalism or attempted disruption of Thursday’s lecture. As always, YAF calls on these supposedly-brave leftists to attend the event, peacefully listen to D’Souza’s ideas, and then take advantage of the opportunity to civilly engage in a question and answer session with D’Souza.