Leftist students at Stanford University were not pleased to learn that Matt Walsh will be visiting their school next week for his first YAF campus lecture of the semester. 

On Thursday evening, an anonymous person posted pictures of flyers promoting Walsh’s “What is a Woman?” lecture being burned to a Stanford social media forum.


“Fuck the SCR [Stanford College Republicans] for covering posters asking for Turkey donations with this,” the image was captioned.

Other forum users piled on with blatantly ridiculous accusations and attacks.

One person even claimed that Walsh “wishes he could own slaves.”

Ryan Stollar, a “child liberation theologist” who advocates against the rights of parents to have authority over their own children, appears to be organizing a protest of the lecture.

In the week since he created his protest event on Facebook, Stollar has only managed to gain one RSVP – from himself.

When a question as simple as ‘what is a woman?’ can cause their Leftist ideology to come crumbling down, it’s clear that conservatives are on the side of truth and common sense,” Seamus Callaghan, chairman of Stanford College Republicans, said in a statement shared with the New Guard. “Let the leftists burn our flyers. That is the reaction of petty tyrants whose views don’t hold up to scrutiny,” he continued.

Free tickets for Walsh’s Wednesday, March 1 event are now available.