Will Stanford hold leftist vandals accountable for theft?

Following a slew of poster vandalism incidents, a conservative student group at Stanford University recently found their banner advertising an upcoming November 7 Ben Shapiro missing, and later replaced with a banner put in place by intolerant leftists.

The conservative group, which hung their Shapiro banner around midnight Monday morning, found their banner missing by 1pm the next day. Just hours later, a new banner appeared, implying that the conservative group was complicit in racism for hosting Shapiro.

A spokesman for the club confirmed to Young America’s Foundation that a police report had been filed, and that authorities are investigating the incident. This comes on the heels of the group being mobbed by leftist students for hanging Shapiro posters, and having their posters destroyed.

A tweet posted by Danny Nguyen, who is associated with groups like the “Students for Liberation of All People” and “International Socialists” praised the removal of the Shapiro banner, stating “there, that’s better” accompanied by a photo of the leftist banner. It is unclear if Nguyen was the vandal who removed the initial banner.

“These leftist fascists are lashing out in desperation,” a spokesman for the club told YAF. “We’ve been clear, whenever this behavior happens that we will call the police and release the names of vandals. This event is poised to be the biggest conservative event in Stanford’s history, and leftists are scrambling because they couldn’t get it cancelled. This bullying and intimidation will not go without consequences.”

All three of YAF’s exclusive Ben Shapiro fall lectures have sold out–showing that demand for conservative ideas on college campuses nationwide is monumental.

For additional information on YAF’s exclusive campus lecture tour with Ben Shapiro contact Young America’s Foundation Vice President Patrick Coyle via pcoyle@yaf.org. To request an interview contact Young America’s Foundation Spokesman Spencer Brown via sbrown@yaf.org or 800-872-1776.