This week, Ben Shapiro kicks off the second leg of his fall 2018 campus lecture tour exclusively with Young America’s Foundation! Last semester, thousands of students inquired about hosting America’s most requested conservative speaker at their school—now you have a chance to do the same!

The deadline to submit a proposal to host Shapiro at your school is THIS THURSDAY, November 15.

Already this year, Ben Shapiro has broken through the liberal bubble that is reinforced by college administrators across the country! Following the Shapiro event at the University of Southern California, one leftist student said:

“We took to Trousdale to protest, a mile long street that cuts through the heart of campus. The entire length of the street—a thousand people at least—were lined up to see [Ben Shapiro] speak.

I was shocked. I expected a small crowd of white, male students. What I saw was a massive, mile long line of people of all kinds—people of color, women.”

By sending one prominent conservative speaker to campus, Young America’s Foundation forces students and administrators to face the reality that students like you want to hear conservative ideas!

With the help of YAF, you can bring those ideas students are craving and have a similar impact on your peers. But don’t miss out—the deadline is THIS WEEK!

Click here to learn more about hosting Ben Shapiro.

The clock is ticking. Read what’s required in your proposal here, and submit it before it’s too late!

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