A special education teacher who works at a public middle school in Texas took to TikTok over the weekend in an attempt to convince parents that it’s perfectly normal for children to “try on” various different LGBTQ+ identities throughout adolescence.

“They may try on several different LGBTQIA+ identities as they go through their life,” she says in her video. “They may feel different, and say ‘maybe I’m non-binary’. And maybe, later on, they’ll say ‘well actually, that doesn’t feel right. Maybe I’m transgender’. ‘Maybe I’m cisgender, but I’m gay.’ ‘Maybe I’m pansexual,’” she continues.

The teacher, who goes by the name “Kay Pal” on social media, goes on to claim that kids have been trying to find out where they fall on the rainbow flag “since the dawn of time”.

“You guys have it backwards,” she tells parents who hesitate to go along with the Left’s gender and sexuality agenda. “And keeping your kid from interacting with gay people in age-appropriate settings will not stop them from being gay,” she adds.

Young America’s Foundation was unable to confirm the teacher’s full name, nor the name of the public school in Texas that she works for. However, a series of posts on her Instagram page (one of which contains a glaring misspelling) indicates that she is a special education teacher.

According to another recent post on TikTok, “Kay Pal” was recently “ranked as the highest level teacher they offer” in her school district, and received an award.

Unfortunately, the modern education system is full of people like this woman. The Left is actively trying to turn the classroom into an LGBTQ+ grooming operation. Conservatives must continue to fight back.