By Caitlyn McCoy

A sorority at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point moved to expel one of its members after she shared a YAF post criticizing the Left’s gender ideology to her Instagram story, according to a tip received through Young America’s Foundation’s Campus Bias Tip Line.

“Stating reality about gender is not hateful or harmful. In fact, it is one of the most compassionate things a person can do,” the post said. “What’s harmful is lying to mentally ill people that their delusions are reality,” it continued.

In addition to the YAF post, a tweet criticizing President Biden’s plan to redistribute more than $379 billion worth of student debt onto the backs of American taxpayers at large was also cited.

“It has come to my attention that there are people who feel uncomfortable with the posts that you made,” Alana Krolow, vice president of the Delta Phi Epsilon chapter, said in a direct message to the student.

Krolow even went so far as to state that “everyone is entitled to their own opinion and political freedoms,” before immediately backtracking on that sentiment by claiming that her opinions (which align with human biology and basic truth) are unacceptable.

Three days later, the YAF student was told that she would have to stand trial by a disciplinary board on five charges, including “conduct unbecoming,” and alleged violation of four policies relating to “trans women” and “risk management.” The inclusion of the latter charge is particularly strange, as the risk management policy doesn’t appear to have anything to do with gender identity. She was found responsible on all charges. The chapter informed her that they would immediately submit a recommendation for her disaffiliation to the sorority’s international oversight board.

She was initially offered the opportunity to self-disaffiliate, but that offer was revoked the next day without explanation.

Greek organizations across the nation are implementing leftist diversity, equity, and inclusion policies. A policy review by YAF found that 22 of the 26 nationally recognized sororities in the United States have policies that require their members to fall in line with leftist viewpoints on dozens of social issues.

What about diversity of thought? A truly diverse sisterhood would accept members regardless of their ideological beliefs and values.

Neither Krowlow nor the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point have responded to YAF’s request for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.