Update, October 13, 9:55 a.m.: After publication, Young America’s Foundation learned that SLU administrator Thomas Patterson is still employed by the university, and performed in the show as his drag persona, Misty Terrain.

Despite pushback from dozens of conservative students, parents, alumni, and clergy, Saint Louis University went forward with its plans to host a drag show last night. 

Hundreds of students gathered in the Wool Ballrooms to observe a bizarre performance by scantily clad men dancing inappropriately and collecting money. 

Last year, Matt Walsh, who hoped to address a crowd about the importance of the pro-life movement and the evils of the Left’s gender ideology, was denied use of these very ballrooms. Ultimately, Young America’s Foundation was forced to secure a private ballroom across the street from campus. 

Though the show was allowed to happen, the administrator responsible for approving the event, Thomas Patterson, no longer appears in the university’s staff directory, and all mentions of his name have been scrubbed from the Catholic institution’s website.

It is unclear whether Patterson–who self-identifies as a ‘drag baby’– was terminated, or if he resigned of his own volition. It is also possible that he is still employed, and the university is simply attempting to conceal his employment from the public. 

When YAF attempted to verify whether Patterson is still employed, a human resources staff member stated that the university cannot disclose personnel matters.

Likewise, university officials declined to respond to YAF’s request for comment seeking to learn why administrators at a Catholic university feel that this type of programming is appropriate.

If Saint Louis University is comfortable with directing its tuition revenue towards events that go directly against Catholic teaching, why were administrators so adamantly opposed to allowing a lecture by a Catholic man espousing opinions that are in perfect alignment with the Church?

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