Saint Louis University recently encouraged students to oppose a rule proposed by the Missouri Secretary of State’s office that, if passed, will increase measures to protect minors from encountering inappropriate materials in public libraries.

The state’s proposal, titled the “Library Certification Requirement for the Protection of Minors,” seeks to ensure that age-inappropriate materials are not displayed or distributed to children. The “age-inappropriate” designation would be made locally by each public library and would likely apply to titles that feature pornography or sexual messaging.

A selection of books targeted toward children that parents have criticized for featuring sexual/gender-confusing messaging and/or depictions of minors engaging in sexual acts.

Even in the conservative state’s left-leaning major cities, which may be unlikely to designate the aforementioned materials as “age-inappropriate,” the rule would give parents the right to make the determination for their own children when they’re participating in library programs.

“This discriminatory rule would limit the free and equal access to materials that a library is suppose [sic] to provide to all members of the public,” the university’s Center for Social Action wrote in an Instagram post. 

Young America’s Foundation asked SLU officials to explain why the Catholic institution encouraged its students to oppose the rule. The Center for Social Action acknowledged receipt of YAF’s request but did not provide comment by publishing time. This article will be updated accordingly.

Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft, a SLU Law alumnus, told YAF that he’s disappointed by the university’s actions: “I think it’s quite unfortunate that there are individuals who would be against parents having more visibility and control over what their children read. The idea that some individuals believe it is their right to decide what someone else’s children read or see is something I completely fail to understand.”

Why is Saint Louis University actively working against the Catholic Church’s stated commitment to the safety and protection of children? Unfortunately, staying true to the institution’s proclaimed values seems to be of very little concern to the university’s radical administrators.

Email SLU Assistant Vice President Bryan Sokol to voice your opinion about the university’s Center for Social Action encouraging students to oppose the Missouri Secretary of State’s minor protection rule: