By: Kevin McMahon

Conservatives are familiar with the way the Left attempts to control the higher education system and uses culture to advance their failed and disproven ideas. Now, the Left is consolidating power over the gaming community, inserting the insanity of social justice in yet another place it doesn’t belong.

Twitch, the world’s largest video game live-streaming service, announced that it was unveiling its nobly-named “Safety Advisory Council,” claiming that the council’s mission is to “inform and guide decisions made at Twitch by contributing their experience, expertise, and belief in Twitch’s mission of empowering communities to create together.”

The new council is made up of Twitch-partnered content creators described as “online safety experts” who were “carefully selected based on their familiarity with the Twitch community and their relevant personal and professional experiences.” The members of this council will serve in an advisory role to Twitch on a number of topics, including but not limited to:

One “carefully selected” member of the Safety Advisory Council sparked outrage from the Twitch community as several controversial comments began to circulate. FerociouslySteph is a trans woman (male-to-female) who apparently also identifies as a deer, including antlers. 

[Editor’s note: Female deer do not have antlers.]

One statement from FerociouslySteph comes from a clip of a livestream that drew ire online: “I think a lot of you gamers are actually white supremacists. Sorry—just a fact of how I feel.” 

It’s no wonder gamers are furious with Twitch for elevating a power-hungry individual with a leftist vendetta against gamers to a position where they have an influence on company-wide policy.

Furthermore, why would Twitch bestow authority on somebody whose first prerogative is to slander the platform’s community and viewers? Why would FerociouslySteph want to get involved with an institution that would give a platform to a community of “white supremacists?”

To understand what kind of policy changes someone like this might have on an institutional basis, let’s take a look at one more statement coming out of a clip from FerociouslySteph’s live-stream: “The only way to have a level playing field at the highest level of play is to not have voice chat…voice chat is unfair, period.”

The subtle bigotry of low expectations rears its head again, as it seems that FerociouslySteph is convinced that feminine voices are unable to communicate on the same level that masculine voices can.

Anyone who has played multiplayer games knows how essential voice communication is to competitive games, and how crippling it would be to gut such an essential and generally-fun feature from gaming. 

Cultural marxism seems to infect many aspects of life today, thanks to the efforts of the Left, but who would have guessed that “voice privilege” would be the next thing that the Left aims down their sights at?

Twitch later clarified the specific role of Twitch’s “Safety Advisory Council,” noting that the members of the council are not official Twitch Staff, in a frantic attempt to cover this PR disaster.

Twitch is a massive platform (averaging 15 million active users per day in 2018), and its cultural impact reaches far and wide, particularly among young people. The more opportunities that the Left has to insert its oppression olympics worldview into cultural institutions, the stronger the Left’s influence becomes. Within this system—sooner or later—transgender deer-people are making careers out of their leftist activism.

Kevin McMahon is a program assistant for Young America’s Foundation.