Conservative students at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater woke up this week to find a sign advertising their upcoming lecture with Daily Wire’s Elisha Krauss had gone missing.

According to John Beauchamp, the chairman of the conservative group working with YAF to host Krauss, the “Free to Offend” advertisement was last seen at 7pm on Sunday evening. By 8am Monday morning, the sign was stolen, while another unrelated advertisement on the opposite side of the structure remained intact.

Conservative students have filed a police report with UW-Whitewater authorities, and intend to post more advertisements at other campus locations as soon as possible.

“We are disappointed by the intolerance of UW leftists,” Beauchamp said. “Colleges are supposed to be a place for the sharing of new ideas and free speech, and instead are becoming breeding grounds for the Left and their agenda of shouting down ideas of those they disagree with. We will not be bothered by this leftist harassment of our advertising.”

Ironically enough, Elisha Krauss’ speech will focus on the importance of free speech on campus, something the vandals responsible for stealing the conservative club’s advertisement evidently need to hear.

Krauss will take the stage at UW-Whitewater on Wednesday, March 10 as part of YAF’s Robert and Patricia Herbold Lecture Series. More information about the event can be found here.