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June 16, 2016

UPDATE 6/20 2:30 PM EST

Reports on the Sherpa Fire continue to be generally favorable to the Ranch. Sundowner winds again did not reach predicted levels last night, and the size of the fire did not grow significantly. The fire stands at 7,893 acres, with 54% containment. Much of that containment line is on the western edge of the fire, closest to Rancho del Cielo. There are now 1,926  personnel active on the fire. There is also now an estimated containment date of Thursday, June 23.  An excessive heat warning has been issued for Santa Barbara County and a Red Flag Warning is in effect from now until Tuesday morning. Evacuation orders remain in effect for Refugio Canyon.

We continue to be grateful for the leadership of our boards in preparing us for this situation, the hard work of staff and interns at the Ranch this past week, and the good work being done by the more than 1,900 emergency personnel active in fighting this fire.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely. Thank you for your support and prayers.

UPDATE 6/17 10:30 AM EST

Officials are expecting the sundowner winds to cause the fire to grow overnight. The fire is now 1,400 acres in size and remains at 0% containment. County officials noted that fire crews are finding it difficult to hold the fire line, and poor visibility due to the heavy smoke is preventing aircraft from conducting reconnaissance flight operations.

Currently, the fire is burning away from the Ranch. It has not crossed Refugio, though it burned right up to the road in the lower canyon. It appears that the nearest burn took place approximately one mile away from the eastern edge of the Ranch. Personnel are on the property trimming trees and brush and preparing in case the winds tonight change the direction of the fire.

Ron Robinson and the Ranch staff continue to closely monitor the situation, and Ron states:

Thanks to our supporter’s concerns and gifts to protect the Reagan Ranch, we have taken the necessary steps—as much as a property owner can do—to insulate Rancho del Cielo from this very threat. I have confidence our team will do everything they can to protect the lives and property at Rancho del Cielo.

According to the County of Santa Barbara, 812 personnel are actively fighting the Sherpa Fire. 21 crews, 61 engines, 30 aircraft including a DC-10, four bulldozers and two water tenders are also assigned to the fire.


6/16 10:00 AM EST

Young America’s Foundation is closely monitoring the Sherpa Fire near Rancho del Cielo and taking all necessary precautions. We have personnel onsite, our systems are tested and prepped, and we are in direct contact with emergency officials.

Over night, the fire mainly pushed down into the canyon. However, it is now following the terrain north again. It is well over 1,000 acres. There are still high winds, though they remain down canyon for now.

We will post updates as they become available