Ben Shapiro’s fearless temperament and endless supply of research have made him the #1 requested speaker on America’s campuses and earned him a reputation as a conservative intellectual AND a conservative firebrand.

Last week, USC snowflakes melted down over Shapiro’s visit, protesting him outside the theater as he arrived and claiming that Ben’s words literally kill people—yes, kill people. Shapiro reacted to the madness on his new Fox News show last night:

TONIGHT, Ben Shapiro heads to the University at Buffalo to continue his 2018-2019 exclusive YAF campus tour as a part of the Fred Allen Lecture Series.

In this BRAND NEW #onlyatYAF lecture, Shapiro will take radical feminism by the horns. Should we believe only women? Should due process apply to only women? Should men have any rights at all?

You are invited to take part in this special live event from the comfort of your own home TONIGHT at 7:00 PM ET.

How will delicate leftist students react when Shapiro brings his hard-hitting #FactsNotFeelings logic to their campus tonight? We can confidently predict it will be triggering! Don’t miss out on what is sure to be a Q&A session for the books.

Young people everywhere are clamoring to hear Shapiro’s message of limited government, personal responsibility, and individual liberty. He partners with Young America’s Foundation to support our mission of sharing a conservative message with students all over America.