Tonight it begins.

The most anticipated conservative lecture tour in decades will kick off on a college campus in the heart of Los Angeles.

The featured speaker has the number one podcast in the nation; a new, highly-rated Fox News show; and a syndicated radio show in the works. He is the most requested speaker in the country, and now he will inspire thousands of students at schools nationwide.

Young America’s Foundation is launching the exclusive Fred Allen Lecture Series with Ben Shapiro tomorrow at the University of Southern California.

YAF has long been a leader in identifying and promoting the top conservative talent such as Newt Gingrich, Oliver North, Carly Fiorina, Katie Pavlich, and others. Since we started working with Ben Shapiro in 2013, YAF has hosted Shapiro on more than 50 campuses. Each year, his popularity grows among young people, resulting in long lines of students eager to hear his remarks and millions more tuning in to watch the #onlyatYAF live streams. Now, YAF is the exclusive home of Ben Shapiro’s campus lecture tour.

Leftist school administrators routinely go to great lengths to block students from hearing conservative ideas. Many even violate the United States Constitution to censor conservative speech!

With Shapiro’s help, YAF has held schools accountable for trampling students’ free speech rights.

YAF and Shapiro sued California State University, Los Angeles, after school administrators and professors formed a human blockade to stop students from attending a YAF-sponsored Shapiro lecture.

YAF and Shapiro sued the University of Minnesota after school administrators refused to allow Shapiro to speak on the school’s main campus, relegating his YAF-sponsored campus lecture to an area known by students as the “cow campus” for its remoteness.

And perhaps most notably, YAF partnered with Shapiro to bring free speech to the University of California, Berkeley—introducing conservative ideas to thousands of students on campus and millions more online. We sued the school for censoring conservative speakers on campus.

Young America’s Foundation received more than 1,500 requests to host Ben Shapiro this fall, and with Shapiro’s Daily Wire team, we narrowed down his fall tour to the following six schools.

October 4 – The University of Southern California

The USC lecture is already “sold out” with more than 1,200 people who have reserved tickets. The Left has already promised to disrupt the lecture, but there are another 1,000 people on a waiting list to attend the event!

If you cannot attend, you can tune in to what is one of the most anticipated events of this year at

October 8 – University at Buffalo

October 10 – University of Memphis

November 12 – University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

November 13 – The Ohio State University

November 14 – University of Pittsburgh

Shapiro’s lectures will be the largest conservative events this year, and these are only a few of YAF’s breakthrough programs on campuses across the country!

Young America’s Foundation is also organizing lecture tours featuring the Daily Wire‘s Andrew Klavan and Michael Knowles. Dinesh D’Souza will kick off an exclusive new tour, The Dinesh D’Souza Tour: History Debunked; Dr. Art Laffer will champion free market ideas to students; and Fox News’s Jesse Watters will bring his wit to campuses.