Fullly-subscribed student audience to rally with leading conservatives and walk in President Reagan’s footsteps during weekend-long retreat focused on freedom’s principles.

Santa Barbara, CA—Student activists from around the country will come together with top conservatives including popular campus speaker Ben Shapiro, former Vanderbilt professor Carol M. Swain, and Brexit strategist and Member of European Parliament Daniel Hannan, to be inspired by President Reagan’s example of bold conservative leadership November 10 to 11.

Young America’s Foundation’s Fall College Retreat, held at YAF’s Reagan Ranch Center in downtown Santa Barbara, California, sold out in less than one hour, demonstrating, once again, the ever-increasing demand by young people to hear conservative ideas at a YAF conference.

Like all of Young America’s Foundation’s breakthrough student conferences, the 2017 Fall College Retreat will bring students face-to-face with their conservative heroes. Additional speakers include Michael Reagan, Deroy Murdock, Bay Buchanan, and Jason Mattera.

The weekend-long conference will culminate with a tour of President Reagan’s favorite spot on earth, his 688-acre mountaintop retreat. Saved in 1998 and preserved ever since by Young America’s Foundation, the Reagan Ranch provides students with the opportunity to walk in President Reagan’s footsteps, a rite of passage for every young conservative.

“The young people attending our Fall College Retreat at the Reagan Ranch have an incredible opportunity to recharge and refocus on their work to advance freedom’s principles on their campuses,” said Young America’s Foundation President Ron Robinson. “Bringing today’s top conservatives together with the next generation of conservative leaders carries forward part of Ronald Reagan’s mission to reach young people.”

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